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In order to meet the needs of all students we must also recognize that some may display special behavioral and/or emotional challenges that interfere with their ability to learn in a regular classroom. Although having special difficulties, these students have potential and should be offered the same educational environment with even more structure and more opportunities for success.

The mission of the Beresford Behavior Program is to provide a safe, structured and positive educational environment for those students who have special behavioral and/or emotional needs. The Behavior Program is designed to use creative and alternative strategies in assisting the student in their educational endeavors.

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Program Goals :

  1. Intervene and reconnect student with classroom
  2. Teaching the student that he or she is responsible for their actions
  3. Working with families to provide consistency between home and school
  4. Improving social skills
  5. Maintaining a partnership with classroom teacher
  6. Improve quality of education for all kids in the classroom

Rules and Expectations:

  1. Respect self and others
  2. Respect school property
  3. Respect authority
  4. Work to the best of your ability

Program Approach:

The Behavior Program will use a positive approach that incorporates structured programming, individual support, and family involvement for best results in educating the student.

Methods used are as follows:

  1. Behavior Management
    1. Redirection
    2. Structured programming
    3. Natural consequences
    4. Alternative coping skills
    5. 1:1 support in and out of classroom
    6. Positive/motivational incentives
    7. Environmental changes/alterations as needed
  1. Behavior Plans for each child referred to Behavior Program. Plans to include problem/strength areas, goals/objectives and plans for review.
  1. Emergency Behavioral Issues. We have a cell phone to contact the Behavioral Assistant during school hours. Kevin Nelson (Principal) or Pam McGill (School Counselor) to assist when Behavioral Assistant is unavailable.
  1. Acute Behavioral Issues. Student not referred through typical referral process. There is an immediate and probably temporary need for intervention. In these cases we will bypass the typical referral process.
  1. Crisis Intervention. One of our goals is to have safety intervention training provided for educational staff. This training should include non-verbal and verbal techniques to use with escalating students as well as crisis management techniques.




This web site was created by: Debra Berrios, Behavior Assistant/Beresford Elementary School


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