Once Upon a Time  

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Research shows that when parents read to their children prior to them going to school, the chances of the child being a successful reader themselves increases. In order to promote reading and help parents be their child's first teacher, the "Once Upon a Time" early literacy program was created. 

Because parents are a child's first and most important teachers, this program is designed to get books into children's hands as well as support parents as they introduce the reading process.

Each month a program with a theme will be sponsored by the school. Upcoming themes include: a fairy tale play, visit to a pumpkin patch, riding a school bus, and learning about trains. Each session will also include helpful information for parents. 

The best part of the program is that each month the children 
get to pick out a free book to take home!


      web page created by: Debra Berrios, Program Coordinator/Beresford, South Dakota

        03/21/2005     last date revised